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How MetroHealth’s Dr. Heather Rainey Eats Well on the Go

Download a PDF of Dr. Rainey’s favorite healthy recipes, including buffalo chicken lettuce wraps and overnight oats, visit Simplywell.

Between working full time as a sports medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation physician at MetroHealth and planning for her wedding this October, Heather A. Rainey, MD, is busy — but she still finds time to make healthy eating a priority. “Getting ready for an event, like a wedding or a 5K, or even swimsuit season, can be a good motivator for avoiding that bag of M&Ms after a rough day and sticking to a nutritious meal,” she said. Dr. Rainey finds that preparing most of her food for the week on Sunday afternoons is also key.

Breakfast. For breakfast, Dr. Rainey is a fan of overnight oats. These don’t require any cooking, “and they keep all week in the refrigerator, so I stock up.” She places oats, milk and yogurt in mason jars and lets them sit overnight in the fridge. She simply takes one out in the morning and tops it with sliced banana and honey. “These are especially convenient when I have to work an early morning,” she said.

Lunch and Snacks. She also pre-makes her lunches. Roasting chicken breasts with olive oil, salt, pepper and Italian seasoning — along with broccoli or green beans — for an easy sheet-pan meal is one of her favorites. She heats this up in the microwave during the work week or uses the chicken in whole wheat wraps or sandwiches throughout the week.

“I also keep pre-portioned snacks in the vegetable drawer at home, so I can throw them in a bag before I start the day,” she said. Snack-sized containers of grapes, almonds, carrots and bell peppers provide her with a quick bite.

Dinner. Dinner is often a meal she can leave in the slow cooker for the day such as vegetable chili or lean shredded pork. “I also make a lot of casseroles in a 9 x 13 pan that I divide up and freeze in individual portions,” she said. She likes cauliflower rice, broccoli, chicken and cheese, or a recipe with a Southwest flair that uses corn tortilla, black beans, chicken and salsa as its main ingredients.

“I also try to find a new healthy recipe or two for the week on the Internet,” she said. Her “go to” sites are Skinny TasteCooking Light and Delish.

Get Healthy at Home

Download a PDF of Dr. Rainey’s favorite healthy recipes, including buffalo chicken lettuce wraps and overnight oats.


Heather A. Rainey, MD
Sports Medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician