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Rehabilitation is a critical step in recovery, so where you go and who you work with matters for your long-term results. And it can be a tough journey—you’ll be working hard every day you’re there. At MetroHealth, we have the expertise—and the compassion—to help you or your loved one through the process physically, emotionally, and socially for the best outcome possible.

As you evaluate your options, below are the questions you should ask of each facility on your short list:
  • What kind of experience does the team have with rehabilitating this type of injury?
  • Is there a research component to the program that is helping to bring new treatments to patients?
  • How can this facility help patients transition back to daily life after all treatments are completed?
  • Does this facility have a positive, uplifting environment that will celebrate and encourage progress?
  • Are there nurses with specialty training in stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury and multisystem trauma?
  • Are there physicians who are board certified in complex rehabilitation, such as brain injury and spinal cord injury medicine?
For more information, visit our Physical and Occupational Therapy website:
or call: 216-778-4167