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By now, you’re definitely feeling the strains on your body as you approach labor and delivery. It’s common to feel tired, have back pain, and have a little shortness of breath during your third trimester.

Because you’re likely so tired, it can be difficult to be motivated to exercise. However, exercise in pregnancy—even in your third trimester—is safe and recommended. And we don’t just mean speedwalking to the bathroom to urinate!

While you should be sure to check with your MetroHealth provider before starting a new exercise routine, exercise can actually help limit fatigue and pain common to the third trimester.

Getting Started

Be sure to start any new routine slowly. Your third trimester is not the time to start a new, aggressive workout regimen. Consider:

  • Walking
  • Swimming/water aerobics
  • Yoga (look for prenatal classes or videos)
  • Body weight exercises (lunges, squats, leg lifts)