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MetroHealth has everything – and everyone – you need if you’re expecting a child. Here are some tips about choosing an OB-GYN and a bit about our new Birthing Center.

Choosing an OB-GYN provider is one of the first major decisions during pregnancy. There’s the basics like whether the provider is covered by your insurance, practice location, associated hospital and more.

But when it comes to choosing that provider for your birthing journey, never underestimate the importance of compatibility.

“You want somebody you’re going to be comfortable with,” says Clodagh Mullen, MD, Director, Labor and Delivery, MetroHealth. “You want to see someone you can be honest with and ask all those embarrassing questions that might come up during pregnancy.”

Early in the pregnancy – depending on any identified risk factors – you’ll typically see your provider monthly, and that cadence will increase as you approach your due date. Your provider will be with you at every step explaining your baby’s development and how your body is changing.

“You want somebody who can prepare you for the birthing experience and this major transition in your life,” Dr. Mullen says.

MetroHealth’s providers are committed to helping you meet your goals for pregnancy. For parents who may have had a cesarean section (C-section) in the past, it might be the desire for a vaginal birth with this pregnancy. MetroHealth providers, in fact, have a high success rate for vaginal birth after C-section (often known as VBAC).

Also, nobody treats more high-risk pregnancies than MetroHealth.

“I always feel like my patients are part of the team – just like the nurses, just like the other doctors. We’re all in this conversation together and bringing something to the table to make sure it’s the best experience and the safest experience,” Dr. Mullen says.

As for the birthing center …

When you’re having a baby, you want the most comfortable environment for you, your family and your friends to welcome your baby to the world. You’ll get just that – and more – at the new MetroHealth Birthing Center.

Plus, with a new state-of-the-art NICU, you’ll h­­ave confidence that your baby is in the right place if complex care is needed.

“We take time to individualize the care for our patients,” Dr. Mullen says. “We look at all the information in front of us and talk to you. We are committed to making the right plan of care for you and your child.”

As soon as you know you’re pregnant, it’s important to establish care with a MetroHealth obstetrician for the best prenatal care. Click here to learn more or call 216-778-4444.


Clodagh R. Mullen, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology