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An annual gynecology appointment is one of the most important dates on a woman’s wellness calendar.
Here’s why.

Yearly Gynecology Appointment is Key to Women’s Wellness at Every Stage of Life

An annual gynecology appointment is one of the most important dates on a woman’s wellness calendar.

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) recommends annual “well-woman checkups” throughout a woman’s lifespan for overall health assessments, counseling and periodic screening for cancer and other diseases.

Meaningful Connections

The obstetrics and gynecology (OB-GYN) team at MetroHealth understands the importance of cultivating a connection with patients that makes them feel safe and puts them at ease, no matter what their age and stage of life.

The early-to-mid teen years are a good time to establish a relationship with a gynecologist. The first few appointments are usually conversations where patients can ask questions and build trust with their physician. Annual gynecology visits are a wonderful time to discuss the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and what preventive care can be done to minimize health risks. These visits are also a good time to receive vaccinations that may be indicated based on your age or risk factors.

Honest Conversations

Visits with an OB-GYN are most productive when patients openly share changes they may have noticed in their bodies. That might include abnormal periods, pelvic pain, frequent urination, discomfort during sexual activity or any issues related to birth control.

During reproductive years, your doctor may discuss your plans for childbearing and how this may relate to your overall health. After menopause, periods and birth control are no longer part of the conversation, but other issues emerge. During these annual visits, providers might talk with patients about things such as hot flashes, thinning bones, discomfort during sex or vaginal irritation.

Women often feel more comfortable sharing personal, potentially uncomfortable information with their OB-GYN – even if it isn’t directly related to gynecological issues.

The providers in our OB-GYN department, along with every other provider at MetroHealth, are dedicated to helping their patients find the resources they need, whether that means a referral for an unrelated health issue or support in getting assistance with issues like food insecurity, domestic violence or other social drivers of health (SDOH).

What To Expect
  • At your appointment, your provider will take a comprehensive personal and family history and will discuss with you whether certain physical exams, including breast or pelvic exams, are recommended.
  • Your provider will also discuss various health screenings, including screening for cervical cancer with pap smears. We recommend pap smears starting at age 21, and they will be repeated every 3-5 years if everything is normal or more frequently if abnormalities are detected.
  • Even if it’s not time for a pap smear, it is still vital for patients to keep up with their annual gynecology appointments to review your overall health and screenings may be appropriate based on your age, lifestyle or any risk factors.
  • Patients may schedule visits more frequently if they have new concerns or health problems.

We want you to view your annual gynecology visit as a chance to connect with someone who genuinely cares about you as a person. To find a provider who is right for you, click here or call 216-778-4444.