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Are you eligible for Medicare? Schedule your free Medicare Wellness Exam, and set yourself up for better health as you age. 

Once you’re eligible for Medicare, you’re entitled to a free visit called the Medicare Wellness Exam. Not the same as your annual physical, this visit serves as a “welcome” that can set you up for better health as you age.

Seeing your primary care provider each year is a smart move for wellness at any age. Your annual Medicare exams are slightly different than a typical physical. If you’re having your first Medicare Wellness Exam, it’s called a “Welcome to Medicare” visit.

Medicare Wellness Exam FAQ:
Q: What is the Welcome to Medicare preventive visit?
A:  It’s an optional one-time appointment, available to you right after you enroll in Medicare. It’s used to establish a baseline for the following annual visits, so it’s a good idea to do one if you can. If you don’t schedule the welcome visit within 12 months of enrolling, you move right into having annual Medicare Wellness Exams.
Q: What do these visits cost?
A: They are free for most people with Medicare.
Q: What happens during these appointments?
A: Your provider reviews your health history and current health. They’ll take your vitals and then do a few screenings to assess:

  • Memory loss and cognition
  • Hearing and vision
  • Depression
  • Fall hazards at home and other safety concerns
  • Medication interactions
Q: What other kinds of assessments will the provider do?
A: You’ll get a Health Risk Assessment, which is a series of questions covering topics like happiness, depression, anxiety, safety, your living situation, your sexual function, your social connections and other areas.
Q: What kinds of memory or cognitive tests will I do at the visit?
A: Your provider will ask you to remember three words and later see if you can recall them. They may ask you to draw certain shapes or do other simple cognitive tasks.
Q: Can I get vaccines at these visits?
A: Your provider will go over any vaccines that you’re due for. We may be able to do them in the office. But sometimes insurance requires that you do them at the pharmacy.
Q: Can someone come with me?
A: Yes, if you feel like you’d be more comfortable with a loved one with you, you can bring someone. That person can help make sure you remember to ask any questions you might have.
Click the video below to watch MetroHealth internal medicine specialist David Kuentz, DO, answer some common questions about Medicare Wellness Visits.
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Remember, even if you don’t schedule a Welcome to Medicare visit, you are still eligible and encouraged to schedule an annual wellness visit. Request an appointment on our website, through your MyChart account, your MetroHealth primary care provider, or by calling 216-957-2550.


David M. Kuentz, DO, MBA

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics