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MetroHealth has reimagined the hospital experience by opening two new hospitals in Parma and Cleveland Heights. These facilities are designed for the best experience possible for the patient. That means:

  • new, private, airy rooms
  • the most comfortable hospital beds available
  • on-demand ordering for restaurant-style meals
  • space for visitors
  • a resting chair for overnight visitors
  • interactive television
  • window blinds controlled from the patient’s bed
  • cozy bathrobes
  • aromatherapy
  • free parking for visitors

That’s right, the new hospitals offer MetroHealth’s expert care in an attractive, healing environment. “Most people want to receive exceptional medical care close to home,” says Bernard Boulanger, MD, MetroHealth’s executive vice president and chief clinical officer. “That’s part of why we’ve opened these hospitals. Patients will be able to stay in their community and receive the care they need.”

These new hospitals are ideal for medical issues that require hospitalization and around-the-clock care, but not necessarily all the features offered for critical care, like trauma services or intensive care. These new hospitals also are not birthing centers.  Deliveries will still be at MetroHealth’s main campus.

Questions About our New Hospitals

Q: What kinds of conditions can I receive care for at these hospitals? 
A: These sites are fully equipped to treat a wide range of adult conditions that require a hospital stay, including but not limited to pneumonia, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, mild problems with congestive heart failure, and dehydration, which can be caused by the flu and other illnesses. Trauma and the most critical illnesses will still be treated at MetroHealth Medical Center.

Q. What services are available at these hospitals? 
A. Both of these MetroHealth locations also feature an emergency department, lab and radiology services as well as pharmacy and physical therapy. They have primary care medical offices and specialty care outpatient clinics, which include cardiology, neurology, cancer and infusion services, physical medicine and rehabilitation and orthopaedics.   MetroHealth Parma also offers outpatient surgery.

Q. Will I still be able to access the same outpatient services that are currently available at the MetroHealth Parma and Cleveland Heights locations? 
A. Yes, these locations will still offer the same primary and specialty outpatient services. The hospitals are an additional service.

Q. What kind of interaction will I have with my doctors and nurses? 
A. Your doctors and nurses will be able to spend the time they need with you to deliver personalized care. They will work together with you to coordinate all the care you need in the hospital and will help you transition to any outpatient or at-home care you may require.

Q. How many private rooms are at these hospitals?
A. Parma has 16 private rooms and Cleveland Heights has 12.

Q: These hospitals sound really nice. Will this be a costlier place to receive care? 
A: No.  Although every hospital stay is different, in general, these new hospitals will be billed at a rate comparable to that of MetroHealth Medical Center’s main campus.


Bernard Boulanger, MD
Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer