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Physical therapy can be a great treatment option because it can help address pain and restore function without the need for costly medication or invasive procedures.
Watch Physical Therapist Dr. Jessica Merhar Provide Tips and Demonstrate at Home Exercises.
Physical therapy is a great treatment option because it:
  • Addresses pain
  • Helps restore function without the need for medication, injections, or invasive procedures
  • Is very cost efficient
MetroHealth offers several types of specialty physical therapy services, including:
  • Women’s health (pelvic floor, postpartum)
  • Lymphedema
  • Vestibular (vertigo, concussion)
  • Orthopedic clinical specialists
  • Sport certified clinicians
  • McKenzie Method mechanical diagnosis for spine
  • NCS neurological clinical specialists
  • Return to work program for work-related injury
What to Expect at Your Appointment

Dr. Jessica Merhar, a Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy and a McKenzie Diplomat at MetroHealth Medical Center, said each visit is customized to a patient’s injury and abilities. Typically, each session lasts 45 minutes. During the first visit, the physical therapist will review a medical history, do an exam to rule out a serious injury, and take into account movement, strength and function.

“Most patients see their therapist once or twice a week for six to 10 visits,” Dr. Merhar said. “A lot of patients see a significant improvement in pain and function after their course of treatment.
Make an Appointment

MetroHealth has physical therapists at our health centers in every corner of the county. To make an appointment, ask your MetroHealth primary care provider to make a referral to physical therapy or call 216-778-4414. For more information, visit