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Expectant moms should be able to feel the full joy of pregnancy. It’s our goal at MetroHealth to keep COVID-19 from getting in the way of that joy by ensuring that pregnant women feel safe coming to our facilities for appointments and delivery.

“MetroHealth is an incredibly safe place to have a baby,” said Kavita Arora, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist with the health system. “And there are a number of steps you and your doctor can take to keep you and your baby well.”  

Dr. Arora recommends pregnant women take the same precautions they’ve been taking since the pandemic began: staying home as much as possible, washing their hands frequently, social distancing and wearing a mask in public.

Pregnant women should also focus on:
  • Choosing a pediatrician. MetroHealth offers virtual interviews to help you choose the right doctor.
  • Keeping up with doctor appointments. Find out which appointments can be done via telehealth.
  • Taking the right vitamins. Talk to your OB-GYN about any supplements you should be taking.
  • Staying educated. Sign up for virtual childbirth classes at
The following safety measures are in place for labor and delivery:
  • All doctors and nurses must wear personal protective equipment.
  • Pregnant women are encouraged to wear a mask in the delivery room as much as possible.
  • Limiting non-essential medical personnel in the delivery room.
  • One person, in addition to the designated support person, can visit during limited hours after the baby is born.
  • Women can discuss shortening their hospital stay with their doctor.
Here’s how MetroHealth is keeping expectant moms safe at routine appointments:
  • Screening of all patients for a fever and other COVID-19 symptoms before entering buildings.
  • Requiring all patients, doctors, nurses and hospital staff to wear a mask.
  • Social distancing in waiting areas and exam rooms.
  • Encouraging telehealth appointments for some pregnancy check-ups.
  • Limiting in-person exams to the patient and one support person.
A Socially Distant Show of Support

If a friend or family member recently had a baby, visiting may not be possible right now. Here are some alternative ways to show that you care.

  • Use FaceTime, Zoom or other video communication apps to meet the new addition.
  • Send a care package with helpful newborn items.
  • Organize a food delivery for the parents, whether from their favorite restaurant or a grocery store.
  • Run errands, including trips to the post office and late-night trips to the drugstore.
  • Arrange a drive-by visit and ask mom and dad to bring baby to a window or outside.

To learn more or schedule an appointment with a MetroHealth OB-GYN, call 216-778-4444 or visit  


Kevin M. El-Hayek, MD

Kavita Arora, MD
Obstetrician – Gynecologist

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